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"Technician was extremely pleasant, knowledgeable, friendly, efficient, and timely. Will most definitely use service again in the future, and will highly recommend services to others."
D . B from Kissimmee , FL on March 9th, 2015
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"Here is what a plumbing solutions customer commented on our website. Called plumbing solutions to Diagnosed problem in the master bath shower that caused there to be no hot water. Replaced cartridge in shower valve control. I also had a new shower head installed and a bidet fixture added to a toilet. Member Comments: Plumber arrived on time and, before setting foot through the door, placed protective disposable booties over his shoes so as not to track dirt into my home. I led the plumber to my shower and he immediately recognized the problem. I told him the home had been empty for a full year before I purchased it, and he explained that some parts could be adversely affected by being dry for that long. He had the correct part on his truck (booties removed as he left for his truck, and placed back over his shoes as he reentered my door) and fixed it in a few minutes. He then went about installing a new shower head I had purchased and a bidet attachment for the toilet. It was after he had finished that I *really* became impressed. He took an inventory of my home's plumbing fixtures. He logged the brands, model numbers, size/capacity, etc. of all my plumbing fixtures for his records. He said that if I ever called his company again, they could use this information to help determine what the problem might be and what would be needed to fix it. Then, he handed me his company's guarantee page. Among other things, there was the following: "...If our plumber(s) smoke or swear in your home; are not drug free; do not wear shoe covers or leave your home without cleaning up, you do not pay for the service. If a repair fails in the first five years, we will repair it again absolutely free." WHOA!! Now that last part impresses me, and while I hate to have people smoke in or around my home, I personally don't care if they swear like sailors, but I'll bet there are a lot of women, especially those with small children, who would find that guarantee quite comforting. Two things I'd also like to mention: 1) this company does not bill by the hour. They have a book with a flat rate price list for various jobs, similar to auto mechanics. If they have a problem and the work takes more time than they thought, you pay no extra. 2) Although this was not written anywhere, I was told that if they do not have a necessary part on their truck, they do not charge a second service charge if they have to leave and return to get a part. Both of these are refreshing changes from the way most plumbers work!"
j . b from Kissimmee, FL on March 9th, 2015
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"Our Hot water heater finally died, When Dave showed up he, He worked his magic so that we could have hot water for the day... The next day he showed up an installed our new Hot water heater. Ussually the plumbers just order one and install it . Dave went the extra Mile by patching it somehow so that we had Hot water for a few hours. The installation went like clock work, within an hour the new one was installed and the world seemed right again. I highly recommend Plumbing Solutions. One cannot put a price on Quality, which is what Dave delivered. He also delivered it at a lower price and with excellence. I offered to help with the cleanup and it was refused as this was part of his service without charge. How can anyone go wrong with this Quality, Cleanliness and efficiency. Dave is a Licensed Master Plumber, Not just another Plumber I Recommend Him for any plumbing needs."
L . C from Clermont, FL on February 25th, 2015
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"Dave is always prompt and courteous at all times. Does good work and charges a very fair price."
P . B from Kissimmee , FL on January 17th, 2015
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"Thank you David for your excellent and efficient service! Very pleased with your work!"
M . D from Winter Springs, FL on November 15th, 2014
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"Great Service, thanks guys."
J . C from Kissimmee, FL on November 5th, 2014
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"Recommendable service. Will call on again for future plumbing needs."
R . L from Kissimmee, FL on May 20th, 2014
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"Always excellent service!"
S . S from Orlando, FL on February 15th, 2014
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"Pleasant and very efficient! Would definitely recommend. Thank you! "
K . H from Kissimmee, FL on December 28th, 2013
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"Very fast response to my problem with short notice on my part. Installed new water heater in no time, providing us with hot water over the weekend. Highly recommended for any plumbing work that is needed. "
r . m from P, FL on December 1st, 2013
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